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Black and White ship negative collection


A Liverpool scene from a past era. The coal burning tug NELSON, built in 1935, keeps a tight line on the Pacific SN Co. vessel PIZARRO, as she eases into the basin.


The Red Ensign over a counter stern. This is indeed a vision from years long gone. Built and registered in Greenock, the LYLEPARK was owned by Denholm Line. In June 1942, while on passage from New York to Cape Town, she fell victim of the German raider MICHEL.. Twenty of her crew and gunners were lost, others eventually became prisoners in Japan.


Built by the Southeastern Shipbuilding Corp., Georgia, USA in 1944. Orginally the SAMDART, then SEDGEPOOL, the Liberty ship BOBARA was operated by London based owners Ivanovic & Co. between 1954-1956. After further changes of name and owner, she was finally delivered to Taiwan shipbreakers in 1967.


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